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Monday, September 12, 2016

Richard Dolan -- 9/11 and The New Fascism

9/11 and The New Fascism

September 12, 2016

Richard Dolan

It has now been fifteen years since America’s lurch into neofascism. No, there was no formal announcement, no statement from the President congratulating us for living under the protection of a fascist police state. And yet here we are. A situation, by the way, into which America dragged its allies and much of the world as well. A nightmare from which we cannot seem to awaken.

For those too young to remember, there was a BeforeTime. It surely wasn’t ideal: the poisoned pill of national security and empire was swallowed long before 9/11 and had already worked its way into the American and global system. But it was a time when Americans lived with the assumption that they still had rights. The 1999 anti-WTO protests in Seattle were a case in point, when more than 40,000 demonstrators shut that city down, at times even preventing the World Trade Organization from properly convening. The global anti-globalist movement reached a crisis point during those four days, and it surely seems in retrospect that our handlers at the top of our food chain decided that wasn’t going to happen any more.

Less than two years later, the hammer came down. A distinctly American form of insanity followed, egged on by the confluence of power held by the national security crowd and its voice of propaganda. That is, what we call the mainstream media: all the major TV and radio networks from Fox to NPR, and newspapers like the Washington Post, New York Times and the rest of the crowd. Everyone piled on with one voice: revenge and protection against the threat of “terrorists,” and oh yes, we might have to sacrifice some privacy and other rights--temporarily--in order to get the job done. Enter the USA PATRIOT Act.

Everyone knows this litany, or at least that is what I used to tell myself. But in an age when no one seems to know anything beyond their Facebook feed (or, God forbid, their Instagram page), in which history and political theory has vanished from the American classroom and psyche, it has to be acknowledged that not everyone knows it. We still have many sleepwalkers among us.

Even so, there are also many who are in various stages of waking up. That 9/11 was a false flag is finally becoming something that more and more people are talking about, usually quietly but sometimes openly. There are studieswebsites, and books galore that anyone can look at. The histrionic denials from the establishment against such silly “conspiracy theories” (a phrase coined by the CIA in 1967, by the way) are obvious and fool only the most simple minded. And yet, despite this, the propaganda machine continues to spin its false narrative on behalf of the national security/homeland security state. People have learned to duck their heads and do little more than quietly grumble, knowing that somehow things are wrong, but unable usually to put their finger on the problem.

There is much talk in America today of the threat of authoritarianism and fascism, particular if one of the Presidential candidates wins the election. That is, we are told, if Trump wins, you had better watch out. Well, indeed, anyone who engages in such military and police state ass kissing should be feared. And yes indeed, I fear that. The reverse side of it, of course, is that his opponent Hillary Clinton is a proven regime changer and destroyer of nations (HondurasLibyaSyria) who is every bit as much of a neocon as Dick Cheney.

The truth is, fascism doesn’t look like a podium pounding demagogue. It looks like a government that can read your emails and texts at any time, that can GPS you 24/7, that propagandizes you, scares you, and tosses in the occasional false flag at you to keep you in a constant state of fear and submission. Sorry to say, but the barn door opened fifteen years ago and those horses have long left the stable.

What we need is a fresh understanding of what America has become. Of what the true structure of power in this world looks like. Of why propaganda and false flags are being used against us.

The short answer is that there are two basic reasons: neoliberalism and neoconservatism. These are not opposites but instead go hand in hand. They are the twin ideological pillars of America’s ruling class.

Neoliberalism (or “new” liberalism) is not your classic liberalism in which the defense of human rights is the paramount objective. It is nothing other than the ideology of globalization. It is, in fact, the defense of transnational corporate rights.

Neoconservatism is its necessary counterpart. It is not the old conservatism of your grandfather; not the defense of “traditional” values and rights or any such thing. It is the “new” conservatism. Rather than conserving the classic American republic, neocons defend Empire.

For Empire is a necessary component to the globalist, neoliberal vision. After all, if you are pushing an anti-human neoliberal agenda upon the rest of the world, you will need to knock some heads. That is America’s role as global policeman. And just as American cops these days are famous for knocking their fellow citizens around, so too is the American GloboCop well known for enforcing the neoliberal corporate agenda on everyone else.

In such a situation, where jobs are being siphoned away at home and the demands of the oil empire and petrodollar system require global enforcement, an Empire will need to deceive and lie. After all, you can’t have the U.S. President announce to the world that America will invade Iraq because Saddam has begun selling his oil in euros. You can’t say that you are going to induce regime change in Libya because Gaddafi is about to roll out a gold-backed dinar that will threaten American and French financial interests. People might resist such blatant Empire maintenance. Instead, you create fictitious charades of weapons of mass destruction or non-existent carpet bombing of the Libyan people and get the job done. No matter if you turn entire nations into smoking heaps of rubble that will never recover in your lifetime. At least you continue to keep your party going for a little while longer.

Orwell once told us, “in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” It’s also true that in an age of corporate globalism enforced by the American Empire, lies and deception are precisely how the power elite gets what it wants. It is how that elite controls us for its enrichment. It’s bad enough that we pay these people to be lied to, that we pay them to destroy entire nations in our name. It’s even worse that so many of us are even now not awake to that fact.

But as bad as things are, they can improve. Look around. You will see signs of it everywhere. People who are waking up. People who realize that their newspapers and TV news are lying to them. On this fifteenth anniversary of the tragic death and destruction of 9/11, we are best served not by blind nationalism and more games of follow the leader into the next war. Instead, it is our job to strip away the illusions we have been fed and to begin the arduous but rewarding job of telling truth to power. 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

I witnessed invasion of US-made flying saucers -- Pavel Poluyan, PhD. Krasnoyarsk, Russia

I witnessed invasion of US-made flying saucers

by Pavel Poluyan, PhD. Krasnoyarsk, Russia 

The first “flying saucers” could not cover long distances, and Americans had to use submarines to deliver those saucers to the Russian shores. The Pentagon was testing the third generation of flying saucers when the Soviet Union just started development of similar machines.

Recent publications on the CIA website (, and talks on UFO by John Podesta, Hillary Clinton's assistant ( ), suggest that the time has come to reveal the secret of this technology: it was created by people on our planet!

I am going to break the conspiracy and publish a real story by UFO. In the late 1980s and early 1990s the USSR experienced an invasion of unidentified flying objects. Some of the “visits” were particularly curious. In December 1989 a police officer in the Siberian City of Krasnoyarsk observed “some dark apparatuses with colored lights” which were manipulating on a power line going to a local aluminum plant. Another witness told a story about flying objects over the Yenisei River and Krasnoyarsk.  I have seen a UFO earlier, April 26, 1989 in the Ural Region. “Where did these strange machines come from? ” - I thought, but no doubt that they were made by humans. I have researched this problem for many years. Today I know the truth about flying saucers - all trues about UFO.

In a documentary about the history of aviation one can see an aircraft with strange device resembling a huge motorized umbrella. This umbrella can twitch up and down, and can even hover an aircraft off the ground for a second when twitching down. Inventor Pitts has experimented the umbrella plane in America in 1926: ( ).

This device is an ancestor of contemporary flying saucers. Umbrella plane looks funny but it is unlikely that the American inventor spent money on making the machine just for fun. The basic flight principle of generating compression under a vibrating plane is no worse than the flight principle of traditional airplanes. When the device has been built, engineers realized that it would create high lifting power. Step by step during the tests it turned out that the device could perform a flight if the oscillation frequency was measured in megahertz and the amplitude of oscillation in millimeters. But at that time there was no technology to reach the right power of vibration and achieve supersonic frequency. The Chance Vought aircraft building company cooperated with the US Navy Department. The Skimmer flying saucer that appeared after WWII was a result of that cooperation. It is believed to be an experimental version of a propeller-driven airplane. However it was not ruled out that Chance Vought made the model especially for running tests of the aerodynamic lift of electrokinetic engines.

In the late 1940s first flying saucers appeared in the US. They resembled telephone loudspeakers: impulse electromagnets made by one or several huge membranes beat the air at a megahertz frequency. A flying saucer could not generate any lifting force until it threw something off like rockets did. This was a ring whirl: it did not leave vacuum to intake a flying saucer. It was necessary to keep a saucer on the ring whirl just for a couple of microseconds, the period within which a new whirl was generated.

Flying saucers with impulse electromagnets were heavy and could not cover long distances. So, Americans had to use submarines to deliver them to the Soviet shores that inspired some stories of UFOs emerging from under water. Later devices had no electromagnetic field to shake a propelling membrane. Piezo ceramic was used for the bodies of such devices and vibration was made as a result of piezoelectric effect (piezoelectric tweeters make the sound in electronic alarm clocks and mobile phones).

The new generation apparatuses were no longer saucers but spheres, ellipsoids and other shapes haloed with ionized gas. The USSR got UFOs of its own in the 1960s-70s. Once, Soviet Academician Shklovsky was interviewed by the popular news channel Vremya (Time) and stated that there were no other creatures besides earth dwellers in the Universe. It sounded like an official statement of the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party that no aliens ever existed and all reports about witnessing UFOs were misinformation. Special committees immediately started censoring mass media and deleted everything that could be connected with UFO visits and aliens.

By that time Americans already had the third generation of flying saucers - dark objects with few glowing zones on them.

Those were whirl activators: the glow on the bottom to make the object fly and the glow on the side (so-called illuminators) to make it move to the sides. Special motor panels are in use now. They are similar to a plasma TV screen built with micro cells but their cells are different: they are tiny rail launchers i.e. plasma accelerators. Plasma sparkles leave tubes of rail launchers with a frequency of several times per second to create a flow of toroidal flux rings. This flow it drives the apparatus.

Flying saucers are not in fact fantastic aliens with antigravity machines but quite earthly apparatuses with electrokinetic engines that take off and move due to created vortex rings. This is absolutely unusual idea to us. Does it? However, as far as we believe in the existence of aliens we should also recognize a new flight technology that was invented some time ago and has been kept in secret until recently. With clear explanation, the principles of the technology are quite understandable and not fantastic. We know that vortexes are also very important in generating the lifting force of flying insects, take a dragonfly, for instance. Because we know the principle of flight of flying saucers now, we can trace the development of this technology.


Despite the fact American military are not going to declassify that technology. Nowdays UFOs can be often seen in Iran and China - it proves that US keeps on employing its secret apparatuses.

Big question: why the break-through transport technology has never been declassified and officially used? In fact, application of the revolutionary technology will inevitably result in transformation of our entire civilization and infringe upon the interests of a great number of people. Such machines could be more popular than transport using gas which would mean bankruptcy of oil tycoons and automakers. And the key reason of the secrecy in this situation is the fact that the use of such flying saucers contradicts the international law; these machines cross governmental borders without notification of authorities - a cherished dream of terrorists and drug dealers. So, the advantages are worthy of keeping the invention in secret for so long. The story about the secret of UFOs says it is time to say goodbye to a nice legend about aliens no matter how we like it.

Even «The Economist» makes it clear that in flying saucers sit ordinary people only.


Christopher Buckley in his book "Little Green Men" demands the President of the United States to end the mystery of UFOs, behind which lies the secret military activities.

I support this demand.

Pavel Poluyan, PhD. Krasnoyarsk, Russia.  May, 2016.
My publications and a film on this subject:

Sunday, July 3, 2016


Auteur: JT Etude des Anomalies


0.0      - Trois étapes cruciales pour observer des anomalies
0.07    - Les trois étapes de base nécessaires pour pouvoir observer des anomalies de manière systématique sont :

1-     Le repérage infrarouge.
2-     Un agrandissement optique de grande puissance pour pouvoir détailler un objet à distance.
3-     Une signalisation directe active.

J’expliquerai chacune d’entre elles plus en détail par la suite.

0.37 – 1 – Le repérage infrarouge :
Toutes les expériences d’observation dont nous disposons montrent que presque toutes les anomalies sont visibles à l’œil nu si vous êtes assez près, comme pour tout objet « normal », mais comme pour tout autre objet normal lorsqu’il se trouve à une certaine distance dans l’atmosphère de jour, il sera masqué par la diffusion de la lumière visible du ciel, et de nombreux objets très petits dans l’atmosphère ne seront pas visibles à l’œil nu dès qu’ils sont un peu éloignés, comme des insectes, de petits oiseaux, etc. Mais presque tous seront repérés par l’infrarouge. 

1.07 – Les anomalies sont habituellement petites et lumineuses, beaucoup ont des couleurs très proches de la nuance bleue du ciel, elles sont très difficiles à repérer à l’œil nu lorsqu’elles sont relativement éloignées et l’expérience montre que les anomalies se déplacent habituellement à haute altitude, donc elles seront hors de portée à l’œil nu, mais elles seront aisément repérables par l’infrarouge, non parce qu’elles sont « camouflées », ce qui est un mythe, mais simplement parce qu’elles sont masquées par la diffusion de la lumière visible du ciel diurne exactement comme le sont les étoiles.

1.37 – Donc repérer des anomalies le jour par le repérage infrarouge est beaucoup plus efficace que le repérage à l’œil nu tel qu’il a été pratiqué depuis toujours, la technologie est là et nous devrions l’utiliser.

Pour pratiquer un repérage infrarouge efficace, il est recommandé d’utiliser une caméra digitale « modifiée » et un filtre infrarouge dans la bande de 850nm ou 950nm.

Une caméra de sécurité économique sera parfaite ; j’ai utilisé avec succès une caméra de sécurité modifiée LG LCB5100.

2.07 – Avec cette caméra il faudra utiliser un objectif adapté, l’expérience montre qu’un agrandissement optique de 20 x sera excellent pour repérer beaucoup de petits objets qui se déplacent dans l’atmosphère, en utilisant une caméra de sécurité de 6mm comme la LG LCB5100, un objectif avec une focale de 120mm sera suffisant, l’expérience montre également que les objectifs à zoom sont excellents pour cela. J’utilise régulièrement un objectif avec un zoom de 16mm-160mm, qui nous donnera un agrandissement optique de 160/6=26x.

2.37 – Deux anomalies, nous devons « résoudre » les détails de cette structure de points pour pouvoir commencer à en déduire des incidences pertinentes concernant leur nature ; jusqu’ici la seule chose que nous pouvons affirmer, c’est qu’elles sont « anomales ».  

2.56 – 2 – Agrandissement de grande amplitude pour être apte à percevoir l’objet distant dans ses moindres détails.
Le repérage infrarouge ne fournira habituellement que des points, de petits points se déplaçant sur un fond noir comme dans le paragraphe précédent, ces mêmes points avec un zoom même moindre que les repérages que certains continuent d’appeler des OVNI, ou « vaisseaux » sans même savoir ce qui se cache derrière les points. Donc nous avons besoin d’un agrandissement très puissant qui sera apte à « percevoir » les détails de ces points.

3.26 – Les estimations et l’expérience démontrent qu’un agrandissement optique de 150x sera presque toujours suffisant pour obtenir les détails de très petits objets se déplaçant dans l’atmosphère, les détails des anomalies structurelles seront presque toujours révélés en utilisant ce genre de zoom. Rappelez-vous que « l’agrandissement optique » d’une combinaison  télescope/caméra est égal au rapport entre la longueur focale du télescope et la taille de l’objectif de la caméra, donc les appareils avec des objectifs plus petits seront meilleurs pour obtenir des agrandissements plus puissants.

Monday, May 23, 2016




0.0   - Tre vigtige trin til observation af anomalier.
0.07 – De tre grundlæggende vigtige trin/punkter, der kræves for systematisk at kunne observere anomalier, er:

1- Infrarød spotting.
2- Høj optisk forstørrelse for at kunne opløse et fjernt objekt i detaljer.
3- Aktiv direkte signalering.

Jeg vil forklare hvert trin i detaljer herunder.

0.37 - 1- Infrarød spotting:
Alt indsamlet observationsmæssig erfaring viser, at næsten alle anomalier er synlige for det blotte øje, hvis de er tæt nok på, som ethvert andet "normalt" objekt, men som ethvert andet normalt objekt, når det ligger over en vis afstand i atmosfæren i dagslys, vil det ikke være synligt på grund af himlens spredning af det synlige lys, mange små objekter i atmosfæren er ikke synlige for det blotte øje, når bare de ligger lidt langt væk, ligesom insekter, små fugle, etc. Men næsten alle vil kunne spottes med infrarødt lys.

1.07 – Anomalier er sædvanligvis små og lyse, mange har næsten samme farve som himlens blå farve, de er meget svære at få øje på med det blotte øje, når de er relativt langt væk og erfaringen viser, at anomalier normalt bevæger sig i store højder, så de vil ikke kunne ses med det blotte øje, men de kan nemt spottes med infrarødt, ikke fordi de er "indhyllet", det er en myte, det er simpelthen, fordi de er usynlige på grund af himlens spredning af det synlige lys i dagslys, præcis som stjernerne er usynlige om dagen.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016



0.00 - Trei pasi cheie pentru a observa anomaliile
0.07 - Cele trei cerinte fundamentale si necesare pentru a fi în masura sa observi sistematic anomaliile sunt:
1 - Localizarea cu Infra-rosu.
2 - O ampliere optica înalta, pentru a fi în masura sa rezolve/descrie un obiect îndepartat, în toate detaliile sale.
3 - Semnalizarea directa activa.
În continuare, voi explica fiecare pas, cu mai multe detalii.
0.37 -
1 - Localizarea prin infra-rosu.

Saturday, May 14, 2016





АвторJT Anomalies Studies


0.0      -
Три основных шага для наблюдения за аномалиями
0.07 – Три основных шага/фактора, необходимые для того, чтобы иметь возможность систематически наблюдать за аномалиями:

1- Инфракрасное наблюдение.
2 - Большое оптическое увеличение чтобы иметь возможность рассмотреть удаленный объект во всех деталях.
3 – Активная прямая сигнализация.
Я дам более детальные пояснения по каждому из этих шагов.

0.37 – 1- Инфракрасное наблюдение:
Весь накопленный опыт наблюдений показывает, что практически все аномалии видны невооруженным глазом, если они достаточно близко, как и любой другой «обычный» объект, но если такой другой обычный объект находится на определенном расстоянии в небе днем, он будет скрыт рассеиванием видимого света, и многие небольшие объекты в атмосфере не видны невооруженным глазом, если они достаточно далеко, например, жучки, небольшие птицы и т.д. Но почти все они будут видны в инфракрасном диапазоне.

Friday, May 13, 2016



Autor: JT Anomalies Studies

Tres pasos claves para la observación sistemática de anomalías

0.07 – Los tres pasos/puntos claves, básicos y necesarios para poder observar sistemáticamente a las anomalías son: 

1- Detectado con el infrarrojo.

 2- Alta magnificación óptica para poder identificar un objeto distante con sus detalles.

3- Señalización directa activa.


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